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Below are photos of ads for comic book conventions from the leading fanzine of the early 1970s, The Buyer's Guide for Comic Fandom aka TBG. The photos all from issues published in 1972 - 1975.

Pulpcon I
TBG #13, 1972
The grandaddy of the various pulp cons still running today.
EC Fan-Addict Convention
TBG #13, 1972
I was collecting EC comics by 1972 and I remember wishing I could go to this convention but New York City was a long, expensive way from Savannah, Georgia. The guest list shows every important EC artist was going to be there except Graham Ingels, Frank Frazetta and John Severin. As of 2012 everybody on the list is dead now except Al Feldstein and Marie Severin.
Detroit Tri Con
TBG #14, 1972
This con later changed its name to Detroit Triple Fanfare. Gray Morrow was a science fiction artist. I met him briefly at the Baltimore Comic Con in 2001 shortly before he died. Lin Carter, John Jakes, Edmond Hamilton, Leigh Brackett were all science fiction / fantasy authors. All dead now.
Fan Con
TBG #16, 1972
I'm living in Virginia Beach now in 2012 next to Norfolk but in 1972 I was living in far away Savannah, Georgia. Legendary EC artist Wally Wood didn't attend to many comic cons. I've met some of the comic book fans in Virginia Beach who knew science fiction Frank Kelly Freas who sometimes visited the area.
San Diego West Coast Comic Con
TBG #16, 1972
The third year of the San Diego Con which became the largest comic book convention in the world. I attended regularly 1982 - 1990 when I lived in San Bernardino.
Detroit Triple Fanfare
TBG #17, 1972
Creation 72
TBG #23, 1972
Second year of the Creation con in New York City. Guest Isaac Asimov went to science fiction and Star Trek conventions but he didn't make to many comic book cons.
Chicago Con I
TBG #32, 1973
Strange seeing an obscure artist like Mike Hinge on the the same short guest list as Stan Lee and Jim Steranko. I've never been able to attend the Chicago cons.
Houston Con 73
TBG #34, 1973
I never made it to any cons in Texas.
San Diego Con
TBG #37, 1973
Fourth San Diego Con with three legendary comic artists. As of 2012 Carmine Infantino and Neal Adams are still alive. Jack Kirby died in 1994.
Cleveland Comic Con
TBG #40, 1973
Dan Adkins and Craig Russell have their names spelled wrong on the guest list.
Detroit Triple Fanfare
TBG #43, 1973