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Your narrator, the Leader
The Leader attended Pulpfest in Columbus, Ohio 21 - 23 July 2016. He enjoyed last year's show which he attended for the first time and plans to go every year from now on. The Leader loves comic books of course but he also is interested in pulp magazines and paperback books and original artwork for the same and Pulpfest is one of the few shows that has dealers selling lots of that type of merchandise.

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Third Day, Saturday, 23 July
Ray Walsh
Ray Walsh of the Curious Book Shop in Lansing, Michigan with two Weird Tales pulps with the usual girlie covers. The painting behind him of the rocket ship is an original painting for one of the paperback editions of Robert A. Heinlein’s Rocketship Galileo.
Emma Sloan
Emma Sloan of Heartwood Auctions had some nice H.P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard books and pen and ink sketches by Roy G. Krenkel.
Emma Sloan
Emma Sloan with a 1936 first edition hardcover of H.P. Lovecraft’s The Shadow Over Innsmouth. Asking price is $3,500. This was from a publisher other than Arkham House. That company put Lovecraft on the map by publishing much of his fiction in hardcover books for the first time but somebody else beat them to this story. The original painting of H.P. Lovecraft is by Jon Arfstrom, the only artist still living who drew covers for the pulp magazine Weird Tales. He was a guest at last year's Pulpfest but was not at this year's show.
Emma Sloan
Original painting by pulp artist Norman Saunders.
Gary Diedriech
Gary Diedriech of Dark Star Books in Ohio had several oversize “bedsheet” Amazing Stories pulps from the 1920s. I had him pose with these two to remind me of the copies I had from the pulp collection in Kingston, New York I found in October 2015 but had to sell on ebay since they weren’t in high enough grade to keep for me. I had never met Gary before but we had a pleasant time talking about a lot of the same old timer comic book collectors we both knew, including Ron Pussel of Red Beard’s Book Den in Nevada.
Scott Edwards & Joe Coduto
These two book dealers from Alliance, Ohio had several high grade girlie type paperback books with the typical sexy covers. The novel The Woman Chaser has some minor cult following since it was written by noted detective fiction writer Charles Willeford. But like many respectable writers. Willeford wasn’t above writing sleazy novels to pay the bills. These type of paperbacks in high grade bring from $75 to $150 according to Scott and Joe.
Nick Certo
Nick Certo had some nice girlie original paintings for paperback book covers. Asking price for this one is $800.
Nick Certo
Asking price for this one is $600.
John Gunnison
John Gunnison of Adventure House publishing is a major mover and shaker in the pulp collecting hobby. He publishes references books on pulps and reprints lots of the old pulp stories in new softcover book editions. He is also known for auctioning off a few years ago the famous Frank Robinson science fiction pulp collection. John told me he would be setting up as a dealer for the first time at the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Con in Maryland this coming September, so I look forward to seeing him there.
John Gunnison
John Gunnison with two Weird Tales pulps with typical girlie covers.
Doug Ellis
Doug Ellis is another big time operator in the pulp hobby. He promotes the Windy City Pulp And Paperback show in the Chicago area which I’ve never been able to attend. He had some nice original pulp artwork at this show.
Doug Ellis
Doug Ellis with the first issue of the pulp magazine Weird Tales from 1923 that a previous owner had bound into hardcover. Also, a pulp with an Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan novel. Most of Burrough’s stories first appeared in pulps before being printed as books.
Chase Kahlo
Chase Kahlo of Subterranean Pulp with an original painting for a paperback book cover.
Chase Kahlo
Two of Chase’s 1970s hard to find art portfolios featuring Robert E. Howard pulp characters Kull and Conan.
Lewis Forro
Late Saturday afternoon. That’s all for this year’s Pulpfest. I’ll be back next year of course.