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Most of the regular newsstand girlie magazines in the 1960s copied Playboy's editorial style and reached for the same white-collar market. In Southern California a group of publishers aimed more for a blue-collar audience with their own distinctive style. The California magazines had several pictorials of naked models in each issue whereas Playboy only had 1 or 2 pictorials. Their models weren't the girl next door type favored by Playboy but had a sultrier, more bad-girl type appeal. These magazines had fewer articles and the fiction was more lurid than the high brow fiction offered by Playboy. The leading publisher was the American Art Agency in North Hollywood which carried a PN logo on their covers which was the symbol of their parent company, the Parliament News distribution company. There were several competitors all published in the Los Angeles/Hollywood area although I suspect some of these other companies were owned by Parliament as well. All of these magazines had lower print runs than regualr newsstand magazines, are harder to find and their more explicit photos make them much more collectible than the typical Playboy imitators.

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