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High Society
Jul 1980

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Mason City Collection
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High Society Magazine Inc.in New York, N.Y.

Bo Derek cover from the movie 10.

"Muhammad Ali The Legend Returns" interview with 3 color photos.

"Death Watch Ancient Worlds Of The Mayas" article on the incredibly bloodythirsty Central American civilizations of the Mayas and Aztecs. Not only was constant war and human sacrafice highly popular in both cultures, but it was also discovered in 1977 that cannibalsim was also a state sponsored religion. I bet not to many modern politically correct school text books bother to mention that. It's more comforting to believe in the fantasy image of Native Americans as peaceful nature lovers as depicted in the movie Dances With Wolves and other Hollywood propaganda films. 2 page illustration. See below.

"Adrienne Barbeau The Fog Lifts on Maude's TV Daughter" Adrienne was known for her bigger than average boobs and this is the longest pictorial in a girlie magazine I've seen that is devoted to showing them and the rest of her buck naked. 2 page color photo + 3 full page color photos + 10 color photos. See below.

Christina Martinelli large color nude photo + 1 small color photo of her and her mom Elsa Martinelli in bikinis.

Bo Derek 2 color photos from 10 + 2 color photos + 1 b&w photo.