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Jan 1981

Near Mint
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Mason City Collection
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Partner Publications in New York, N.Y.

"Sensational Celebriteasers $1000 Trivia Quiz"
Deborah Winger 2 color photos topless from a nudie movie + 1 b&w photo with John Travolta from Urban Cowboy.

Jill St. John 7 color photos showing her boobs, the only time she did so. She never appeared nude in magazines or movies until now. See below.

Kim Langford of Knot's Landing 4 color photos from a nudie movie.

Mamie Van Doren 2 b&w photos topless. Shirley Anne Field 2 b&w photos wearing a nightgown.

Jayne Mansfield 1 b&w photo topless.

June Wilkinson, Kellie Everts 1 b&w each + Andrienne Barbeau 3 b&w photos from a nudie movie. See below.
Joanna Cassidy 2 b&w photos + 8 color photos from a nudie movie Night Games.
Catherine Bach 1 color photo.
Joanna Lumley 1 topless b&w photo.

"The Girl Behind The Buy-Back Scandal" is this issue's cover model, Cheryl-Ann Traxler. 4 full page color photos + 8 color photos of her naked.