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The folks at Glamour Con put on the biggest and best shows devoted to classic and modern pin-up models and Playboy Playmates.


Bad Mags owned by Tom Brinkman, has lots of esoteric, socially unacceptable magazines. Check out his website below.

spacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefiller Java's Bachelor Pad owned by Jason Croft is an excellent website with numerous essays on classic and modern pinup girls and other topics of interest to unmarried and married men. Also has lots of links to other websites dealing with pinup girls, glamour photography and show business. Drop into the Pad at the link below.
Java's Bachelor Pad spacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefiller spacefillerspacefillervspacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefillerspacefi If you have a website devoted to selling or collecting pre-1970 girlie magazines or related vintage erotica we can do a link exhcange. Send me the html code for your link and I will include a link on this page to your site. In return I will send you the html code for a my Pristine Adult Magazines banner to put on your site.