Lewis Forro Wants To Buy Your Vintage Adult Magazines.

The magazine titles and similar titles in the yellow boxes I pay 1.50 each for in Very Fine or better condition. I pay 3.00 to 5.00 each for the types of magazines in the pink box in Very Fine or better. I will pay less for lesser condition. In some cases I will pay more.

Hi Life
Modern Man
Night And Day
Sir Knight
  • Big Boob fetish magazines titles like The BUF Swinger, The Swinger, Fling, Gem, Gent.
  • Heel & hose fetish magazines from Selbee Associates like Diabolique, Striparama, Satana, Exotica and similar publishers.
  • Non-airbrushed Nudist magazines, especially from the publisher House of Price. Click here for more details.
  • Humorama digest size magazines with titles like Breezy, Joker, Gaze, Romp.
  • Parliament magazines with the "PN" cover logo and competitors, all published in California.

Please email me at lewismag@cox.net

Or phone me at

Lewis Forro
Virginia Beach, Virginia
I do not buy these magazines: Playboy, Penthouse, Oui, Gallery, Genesis, Chic, Hustler.

I only buy collections of 50 or more magazines. Do not contact me if you have than less than that.

If you have a large enough collection of a several hundred or a few thousand magazines I will travel to you. I will travel anywhere in the USA if your collection is large enough. If you have only a few hundred magazines we can do a mail order deal. If you want to get paid before mailing the magaiznes you have to have a paypal acount or maybe some other online account if can sign up for it. I do not send checks or money orders through the mail. If you don't have a paypal account you would have to mail me the magazines first on approval and then I will pay for them with a check or money order.

If you have a list of magazines for sale please email it to me in the body of the email message or attach it as a PDF file only. I can make a better offer if I first see photos to judge condition. If you have a digital camera or scanner please take photos of a few separate magazines showing the entire cover. Save them as jpeg files and send them as attachments to an email.

If you don't have a list or a way to take photos just call me and and we can talk about what you have for sale. We can arrange for you to send me sample magazines to look at. You can also email me your phone number and I will call you. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.

Visit my Homepage to see what other magazines I want to buy.