I'm Buying 1950s / 1960s Television Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Suspense Publicity Photos

         The Twilight Zone

Lewis Forro
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    The Time Tunnel

I want to buy television publicity photographs from the 1950s through the 1970s in the area of science fiction, fantasy and suspense.

My top priority are the TV series written by Rod Serling, the 1960s era The Twilight Zone and the 1970s era Night Gallery. My next priority is the 1960s era The Outer Limits.
I also want any photos from Science Fiction Theater, Alfred Hitchock Presents, Thriller, The Invaders and Batman.
I also want photos from Betwitched with Elizabeth Montgomery and The Avengers and The Green Hornet.
Lastly, I want any of the Irwin Allen produced sci-fi shows like Lost In Space, The Time Tunnel, Land Of The Giants, Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea.

Publicity photos were issued by the television networks like CBS, NBC and ABC or advertising agencies in two sizes, usually 5" x 7" and sometimes 8" x 10" and in rare cases there are larger sizes printed on heavy cardboard. I will pay more for the larger sizes.

Network or advertising agency photos came with a "snipe" or information sheet attached by glue. A sample of a snipe is seen on the Twilight Zone photo at top left. Sometimes instead of an attached snipe, the photo would have typed or printed information on the bottom margin (see the Time Tunnel photo above) or on the back of the photo. To avoid buying modern day reprints I only want the photos with the snipes or printed information. I will consider buying photos that lack these but you must have some way of verifying the photos come from the relevant time period and are not modern reprints.