Steve Ditko's Fantastic Giants CBM #26, 1995

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Comic Book Marketplace #26, 1995
In the early 1960s the American B-movie company American International Pictures released a monster movie, Konga about a giant gorilla. About the same time the British B-movie film company King Bros. released Gorgo about a baby giant sea monster and its much larger mother. I saw both films in the theaters at the time. I picked up a used copy of Konga #1 in a book store in Birmingham, Alabama in the late 1960s and discovered that the artwork was done by my favorite comic book artist, Steve Ditko. I don't remember how I found out Ditko also drew Gorgo . Since I liked, Konga and Gorgo it made perfect sense to put together a collection of their comic book issues drawn by Ditko.

Five years after this article was published in Comic Book Marketplace #26 it was later reprinted in CBM Special Edition #3, 2000. I asked editor Gary Carter over the phone why he did that and he said he liked the article a lot and it deserved to be reprinted. I thought that was nice since Gary had published hundreds of comic book articles over the last 10 years and only picked a few to be reprinted.